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Facilities Master Plan

About the Facilities Master Plan

In 2022, the Town of Mansfield contracted TSKP STUDIO based in Hartford, CT to conduct a Municipal Facilities Needs Assessment and Programmatic Use Study. The study provided an existing conditions report of 12 town facilities and presented an examination of alternatives including expansion options and the relocation and development of new facilities. A budget matrix was provided for various scenarios. The summary of options was presented to town council with no preference or recommendation but rather presenting the full range of options.

The next step in this project is to develop and implement a comprehensive public engagement strategy that is currently being led by CivicBrand. This effort will examine the various options with residents and stakeholders to prioritize projects and tradeoffs and surface public engagement data around which options are most favorable and would be supported by the public. The goal of the project will be to clearly surface which projects are most viable and would have the greatest support and impact on the community.

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Jennifer Kaufman, AICP
Director of Planning and Development

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