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Parks & Recreation Master Plan

Financial Sustainability Strategy and Master Plan for the Town of Mansfield Parks and Recreation Department

Mansfield’s Plan of Conservation and Development spells out a clear goal that Mansfield’s park and preserve system, including natural and active recreation areas, provides access to residents and meets the needs of the population. This master planning process will help us ensure we are meeting those needs. The development of a financial sustainability strategy and master plan for the Town of Mansfield Parks and Recreation Department will consider the unique attributes of the department and community. The goal is to create a vibrant future for the Parks & Recreation department and ultimately, the greater Mansfield community.

The planning effort will take into consideration the following conditions and interests as the process evolves and progresses.

  • A focus on and acknowledgment of the unique attributes of Mansfield, Connecticut, and park and recreation resources that are owned and managed by the Town.
  • The financial sustainability strategy and the master plan will consider and complement existing Town plans and strategies such as the Mansfield Tomorrow Plan of Conservation and Development, Affordable Housing Plan, Wayfinding and Signage Master Plan, Facilities Master Plan, and the Action Plan for Economic Vitality.
  • A comprehensive inventory of Mansfield’s parks and recreation assets has been completed and many Town parks and preserves have park-specific management plans all to be considered as part of the planning effort.
  • An emphasis on community engagement – public meetings, focus groups, survey outreach, and other methods to include representative citizen feedback.
  • Fiscally sound and responsible recommendations that address community need and demand and operating and maintenance requirements as they align with the system’s fiscal realities.


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MAR 2023 - SEP 2023

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